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Bianchi, one of the leading brands in the cycle industry, knows the pillars of its success very well - innovation, exclusivity,  quality, design and passion. These five factors have been the driving force in the continuous growth of the company. In the development of its bicycles, which combines advanced technology with Italian design, the manufacturer relies on think3 software and 3Dconnexion’s SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse.

In 1885, Edoardo Bianchi started his first shop in Milan, Italy. During the long history of the company, Bianchi established itself as one of the leading brands on the international cycle market, and today offers bicycles with the highest level of Italian design in conjunction with the most advanced technology. In May 1997, Bianchi joined the Cycleurope AB group, becoming part of the cycle industry worldwide. Professional cycling is unimaginable without Bianchi with so many victories achieved the brand has developed legendary status.

Fabio Ferri, Chief Designer of the Engineering Department,  is  the  creative  mind  of  the  firm.  His ideas are the basis for the unmatchable designs of the manufacturer. For more than a decade, Ferri has used ThinkDesign software from think3. ThinkDesign frees users from the technological constraints of traditional design systems and enables innovative working right from the beginning. “With ThinkDesign I can give surfaces a specific look immediately and then transform them
into a 3D model. This includes all relevant technical and structural aspects but still the original design character,” said Ferri. “This is how my conceptual designs get the typical Bianchi design, with real-time renderings, which help me to check surfaces very quickly. There are no limits to my creativity.”


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